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Allegheny Trade Company guns for sporting, hunting, collecting, ammunition, supplies, surplus

We specialize in military, firearms and surplus.  We are class 3 dealer of weapons, machine guns and suppressors.

What we have:

We carry a full line of handguns, hunting rifles, sporting and home defense shotguns, AR15, AR10 and AK variants.

What we do:

  • We accept internet transfer purchases.
  • We do personal transfers.
  • We do firearms appraisals.
  • We offer consignment of your firearm.
  • We have layaway.
Allegheny Trade Company carries a full line of parts and accessories for your current AR platform or your next build.

We can special order to suit your needs.
Collections and estates of any size- call us first for the best prices.

Our inventory is always changing. Stop in too see whats new.

Our Newest Inventory

Our inventory is always changing. stop in to see what’s new

ammunition, reloading and gun cleaning supplies at Allegheny Trade Company in Duncansville, Pennsylvania

Ammunition & Accessories

We carry reloading supplies for many popular calibers. This includes powders, bullets ,brass and primers. We have presses by Dillion and Lee. You will also find dies scales powder measuring equipment and all of the small essentials.

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Brands We Carry

We keep most of the popular brands and models of firearms including but not limited to Smith and Wesson, Glock ,Ruger  ,Taurus ,Sig Sauer ,SCCY , Along with hard to find military surplus firearms.

This has become my number one go-to place. And if they do’t already have what I’m looking for, they can always get it within few days for a good price. Mike and Ken are the best to deal with! Exceptional Service!

Joseph Ebert


Buy, Sell, or Trade

Stop in, our inventory changes daily.

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